Yiannis Franjeskos

From a young age I had a special strange love for stones! I remember many times I looked at the broken stones on the slopes with different shapes and designs .. The gradations of white, gray and black, in my imagination created different shapes! At one point I chose a stone that was loose with nothing special and I began to notice it. Something inside me seemed to be telling me to keep it. Then I realized that if I observed the stones better, and if I could understand even a little of their structure, I would feel as if they were “whispering” to me. So I decided to highlight these forms that nature has been sculpting and creating for hundreds of years! So the stones teach me to listen to them and guide me to the final shape that I will give them!

I would like to note that there is a difference from white marble where the artist pre-decides his subject, while for me the opposite happens! It is ultimately the marble stones that decide their theme and their final form… Also the sculptor with the monochrome marble, can make other copies while the peculiarity with the “my” stones is that each theme is unique! … Ιf I want to rebuild the same sculpture I have to find a stone with the same various gradations of tone, texture, and color! which is almost impossible !

I am proud that I succeeded and I can highlight the work of nature with my creations. Thanks to the stones that taught me to hear their “whispers” and to be able to see “their inner world”!